• election

    Nhulunbuy Town Board Election Day

    7 May 2021

    Please be advised that the election of two representatives to the Nhulunbuy Town Board will be held at the Nhulunbuy Corporation Head Office on Saturday 22 May 2021, 8 am-6 pm.


    Town Lagoon

    7 May 2021

    The town lagoon remains closed. The walking tracks are still underwater and are crocodile territory.

  • Corporate PLan

    Corporate Plan Review

    19 April 2021

    The recent Corporate Plan Review is now available online. We invite the Nhulunbuy Community to take the time to read the review and reflect on the outstanding achievements of 2020.  

  • Town Board


    31 March 2021

    VACANT ELECTED MEMBER POSITION Are you a Nhulunbuy resident that wants to make a positive contribution to your town? Do you want to be part of the decision making in your community? Do you have a few hours spare each month?

  • Online Payments


    29 March 2021

    You can now conveniently and securely pay all your Nhulunbuy Corporation bills online.  Simply visit our website and have your Bpay number handy. 

  • Minister for Youth

    Youth Council meets the Minister for Youth!

    19 March 2021

    Lauren Moss, Minister for Education, Youth, Seniors, Children, and Women visited the Nhulunbuy Youth Council recently. Lauren shared insight into her involvement in her local Youth Council as a teenager.  

  • Shadow Minister

    Shadow Minister for Youth Affairs visits Nhulunbuy

    11 March 2021
  • Clubs Day 2021

    Clubs Day 2021

    4 March 2021

    Clubs Day 2021 had a record turn out of 26 organisations.

  • Youth Council Meeting

    Youth Council Planning Meeting

    2 March 2021

    The Nhulunbuy Youth Council met recently to finalise 2020 projects and discuss 2021 priorities.

  • Nomination Day

    Nhulunbuy Town Board - Nomination Day

    25 February 2021

    NOTICE is hereby given that an election is planned to be held on: 24 March 2021 to elect one representative to the Nhulunbuy Town Board for a 4 year term.

  • Mandatory Masks

    Gove Airport Important Updates

    15 February 2021

    Important information regarding mandatory face masks, passenger use of the airport terminal, runway lighting and drinking water. 

  • Event

    Welcome to Nhulunbuy

    4 February 2021

    The Nhulunbuy Corporation would like to invite new residents/families to join us for morning tea and to gain some great insight about our wonderful town.  

  • News Story


    2 February 2021

    A lightning strike on Sunday evening, 31st January 2021 has impacted all runway lighting at the Gove Airport.  Emergency lighting will enable emergency flights to land and take off however all other night flights will be impacted.  

  • Australia Day 2021

    2021 Australia Day Ceremony - Reflect, Respect, and Celebrate Culture

    29 January 2021

    The Buku Larrngay Mulka Art Centre was the place to be the afternoon of Australia Day! Crowds gathered to Reflect, Respect, and Celebrate.

  • Water Leak Banyan Park

    Huge thanks to our works crew!

    29 January 2021

    The Nhulunbuy Corporation crew has worked tirelessly in adverse weather conditions this week in response to significant water leaks.

  • Mandatory Masks

    Mandatory Face Masks Required at Gove Airport

    21 January 2021

    On Friday 8th January 2021, the Prime Minister announced (National Cabinet agreed) mandatory use of masks in domestic airports and on all domestic commercial flights. Furthermore, the NT Chief Health Officer Directions make it mandatory from the 20th January 2021 for face masks to be worn at all major NT airports and while on board an aircraft. Masks must be worn when inside the airport terminal building and when on the airfield.

  • Australia Day 2021

    Australia Day Event

    21 January 2021

    This Australia day, the Nhulunbuy Corporation has been selected as one of three councils/corporations across the country to take part in the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander project

  • Road Closure Beagle

    Road Closure - Beagle Circuit

    19 January 2021

    Beagle Circuit Closed 20 & 21 January 2021

  • Waste Collection Post

    Weekly Waste Collection Tips

    7 January 2021
  • Fees & Charges Pic

    Nhulunbuy Town Board Election - Enrolment Day 2021

    6 January 2021

    Residents are advised that there is a vacancy of two representatives to the Nhulunbuy Town Board from March 2021 to March 2025. Residents are advised that the enrolment roll closure date is Thursday 21st January 2021 at 4pm. No enrolments will be accepted after this date. Enrolment forms are available at the Nhulunbuy Post Office and the Nhulunbuy Corporation Head Office during normal business hours or enrolment can be effected online at http://www.aec.gov.au/enrol/ To download a Nomination Pack click here Election Declaration Form  

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