2022 Kerbside Collection

It’s that time of year when the Nhulunbuy community needs to clear all that hard waste from around their properties in preparation for the cyclone season. The kerbside collection includes green waste and loose materials (not exceeding the volume of 1 cubic metre per household).

Waste collection will commence Monday November 21st through to Friday December 2nd from Monday to Friday in the following areas:

Monday 21st November - Friday 25th November

Nhulunbuy South Area: Chippis, Satral, Husnes, Feldegg, Fusina, Enalu, Aisa, Isal, Recreation, Sava & Boxsal

Wuyal Rd Area: Wuyal, Wattle, Jasmine, Pera, Klynn, Lobelia, Leech & Bunggalwuy

Chesterfield Area: Chesterfield, Thunderman, Dryandra, Duranta, Mallee, Casuarina, Mimosa, Sandalwood, Singing Rocks, Myall, Geebung, Nandina, Dargaville & Town Flats

Monday 28th November - Friday 2nd December

Banyan, Garnet, Jasper, Grevillea, Wilga, Pandanus, Karo, Solandra, Pandora, Lacebark, Quandong, Providence, Corralita & Tamarind

Beagle, Wolsey, Raintree, Gungunnu, Cassia, Hakea, Banksia, Magnolia, Ferntree & Sinclair

Whitewood, Acacia, Tuckeroo, Lilli Pilli & Melaleuca 


Please follow the kerbside dumping guidelines regarding what can and cannot be dumped as outlined:

1 cubic metre of waste including green waste and general household waste – NO Car Bodies, tyres of any size, batteries, whitegoods, air-conditioning units etc. To dump tyres, whitegoods and furniture items, residents have access to a Dump Voucher which can be picked up from the Nhulunbuy Corporation office on Westal Street. 

It is expected that all waste for collection will be placed on the kerb prior to the dates outlined above. 

Please Note: We will not be revisiting streets after the initial collection has occurred.