Brass water Tap

Enquiries about water or power bills should be directed to the Nhulunbuy Corporation on (08) 8939 2200 or by emailing


Rio Tinto provides the Nhulunbuy Corporation with access to water from a bore field near Gove Airport.  The water is pumped to the 1 million litre tank facility located on the top of Mount Saunders.  From this tank, the water is reticulated by the Nhulunbuy Corporation to service the town and the Industrial Estate.

During periods of extremely high usage or during long drought spells, the Corporation will enforce total sprinkler bans. However, we ask that residents remain ‘water wise’ at all times and take steps to conserve water use on their properties.

The Nhulunbuy Corporation maintains and repairs the towns water mains and ancillary services.  This includes the maintenance and repair of meters, feeder services, valves and hydrants.  Responsibility for leaks or bursts lies with the Nhulunbuy Corporation up to the meter and should be reported via Snap Send Solve. For after hours emergencies, please call 0407 972 550. The length of piping and water service facilities between the meter and the property is the responsibility of the owner.

The Nhulunbuy Corporation issues water bills each quarter.

Managing Water Leaks

If you have unexpected increase in your water usage, it may indicate that you have a leak on your property.
To identify if there is a leak on your property, you can follow this procedure:

  • Choose a time when you are not using any appliances that use water
  • Make sure all taps are turned off and toilet cisterns are not filling
  • Take an initial meter reading (read both the black and the red digits)
  • Leave all appliances turned off for at least an hour after the reading has been taken
  • Take a second meter reading (read both the black and the red digits)

If the second reading is greater than the initial reading, this indicates that water has passed through the meter and you most likely have a leak. Contact your landlord or a licensed plumber to help find the leak. Please see this infographic regarding responsibility for maintaining water infrastructure. 


Rio Tinto provides power to the town and the Industrial Estate. The Nhulunbuy Corporation acts as a billing agent for this service, and issues power bills to property owners each quarter.

Maintenance of power infrastructure is performed by MG Electrical. Please call the MG Electrical hotline on 1300 232 265  for any emergencies relating to power. Information regarding planned electricity outages is available on the MG Electrical Facebook page. 

Meter reads

Electricity and water meters are read quarterly (Dec-Jan, Mar-Apr, Jun-Jul and Sep-Oct).

With all properties in Nhulunbuy now utilising a digital water meter which records and transmits the water usage data, only electricity meters are manually read. As these water meters utilise a radio transmitter to send data, please ensure that your water meters are not obstructed by rubbish, vehicles or debris on the date of the 'data dump'. The date on which this will occur will be communicated to residents via the Nhulunbuy Corporation's Facebook page, as well the Gove Notice Board and Nhulunbuy Notice Board. This will also be provided on the website. 

The Nhulunbuy Corporation’s meter reader often commences reading meters at properties at 6am and may not finish until 6pm, especially during the wet season. Please be mindful of the meter reader during these periods – particularly if meters are situated in fenced yards with dogs. Please call the Nhulunbuy Corporation on (08) 8939 2200 or email if you have any concerns about the Nhulunbuy Corporation’s meter reader accessing your meters safely.

Communications will be provided to the community via the Gove Notice Board and the Nhulunbuy Notice Board, as well as the Nhulunbuy Corporation's Facebook page.