North East Arnhem Land is home to the saltwater crocodile (Crocodilus porosus) or “Baru” in local languages. Crocodiles are very dangerous animals and are protected, native, and important to our regions ecology. From the local Yolngu point of view, they are a clan totem, and belong to the Yirritja moiety, and are powerful representatives of Yolngu mythology. Because of this, Nhulunbuy Corporation (NCL) and any authorised stake holders must respect local Yolngu traditions when handling crocodiles. They are a large predator capable of attacking people and pets and as such they are a significant threat in the Nhulunbuy Crocodile Management Zones.

The Nhulunbuy Crocodile Management Plan has been prepared by the Nhulunbuy Corporation, using advice from the Northern Territory, Parks and Wildlife Service (NTPWS), Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation (TPWC) Act, and authorisations under the Dhimurru Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). This is the overarching framework for the Nhulunbuy Town.

Please see the entire plan by clicking the link below.

Crocodile Management Plan – Town Lagoon and Sewage Ponds