One of the duties of the Nhulunbuy Corporation (NCL) includes the management of animals in and near the Nhulunbuy Township and Industrial Estate. This includes a vast range of duties, carried out by an Animal Control Officer (AMO), with support from administrative staff. Both wild and domestic animal control matters can be referred to the Nhulunbuy Corporation. The Nhulunbuy Corporation can provide you with helpful advice about how to secure your pet within your property, fencing, barking and nuisance dogs and general dog management.

Please see a summary below of the services provided by the Nhulunbuy Corporation and the responsibilities you would have as a pet owner. 

Nhulunbuy Paws and adoption of pets

The Nhulunbuy Corporation maintains a close partnership with Nhulunbuy PAWS (based at the pound facility on Arnhem Road). Nhulunbuy PAWS. PAWS are a not-for-profit organisation working for animal welfare. Pets can be adopted from PAWS, who also have a number of other services. Click here for more information, including contact details.

Nhulunbuy Corporation Pound
Nhulunbuy Corporation Pound​​​​​​

Animal Control By-Laws and Animal Management Plan

The role of AMO is governed by the Animal Control By-Laws, which were recently modernised and will be current until its next review. Policies, procedures and requirements of animal ownership on the Town Lease are set out in the Animal Control By-Laws. 

NCL also has an Animal Management Plan, as dictated by the Animal Control By-Laws. This document provides guidance to residents regarding the animal management and the role of NCL. 

Both can be accessed on this page

Animal Noise Complaints

The Animal Control By-Laws provides latitude for the AMO to investigate disruptive noise from domestic animals. Complaint procedures exist, which enables residents to request the commencement of an investigation. To access these forms and for more information about your options, please follow this link.

Crocodile Management Plan

The Nhulunbuy Corporation maintains a regularly reviewed and updated Crocodile Management Plan, which covers expected interaction and risks of crocodiles in East Arnhem Land, as well as the measures that can be taken by Nhulunbuy Corporation. 

Dog Attacks and Harrassment

If you have been attacked by a dog or need to complain about a dog, please contact the Nhulunbuy Corporation on (08) 8939 2200 or after hours on 0419 838 064.

To download the incident form click below and email to

Dog Incident Statement Form

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Dog registration

All dogs aged over 3 months old which are intended to remain in Nhulunbuy must be registered, with registrations being due by the 31st of December of each year. There are a number of conditions of registration, which must be abided by, which can be seen in the Animal Control By-Laws. 

In addition to registration, microchipping is an optional procedure that can be performed by East Arnhem Veterinary Services, which serves as a permanent method of identification for your dog. There also exist dog-off lead areas, where your dog can be let free without a leash. 

For more information on dog registration, changing your personal details and microchipping, please peruse this webpage. Fees and registrations can be paid at the Nhulunbuy Corporation Head Office in Westal Street, by calling (08) 8939 2200 or online.

Domestic Cats

Cats do not need to be registered but it is still important to be a responsible cat owner. Please bear in mind that cats often hunt for native wildlife and can contract illnesses if not properly contained. For more information, go here.

Wild Animals

Excluding crocodiles, the Gove Peninsula is also home to a number of other wild animals that can cause harm or disruption to lifestyle. The Nhulunbuy Corporation takes action to minimise the degree of possibility that negative interactions can occur with these wild animals. 

The other wild animals managed are primarily buffalo, feral pigs, wild dogs (including dingoes), feral cats (including periurban cats) and snakes. For more information on how they can affect you, check out this webpage

Lost pets

If you have lost your dog, please contact the Nhulunbuy Corporation on (08) 8939 2200 or email

If you would like further information, please call the Nhulunbuy Corporations Animal Management Officer on 0419 838 064.

The Nhulunbuy Corporation Pound Facility is located off Arnhem Road.

Dogs found at large which are not registered and cannot be traced to their owner will be impounded. Images and details of such dogs will be uploaded to the Nhulunbuy Corporation Facebook page.

The Nhulunbuy Corporation provides Animal Control to the Nhulunbuy Township and Industrial Estate, covering both wild and domestic animal matters.