ERSA Information 
Location5 Nautical Miles from the township of Nhulunbuy  121610S 1364906E
Elevation205 ft
Runway13/31  2208 x 45m PCN 25 /F /A / 1150 (167PSI) / T

LIRL PAL 127.8 - 3x one-second pulses required to activate SDBY PWR AVBL 


PAPI(1) PAL 127.8 - 3x one-second pulses required to activate 3.0DEG 52 FT  SDBY PWR AVBL 

 CTAFFreq 127.8
AWISFreq 123.05
FuelAIR BP 0407 133 578 - Avgas & Jet bowser H24.
 VIVA Energy Aviation 0488 707 803 – Jet A1 tanker (Out of hours fee will apply), Avgas bowser H24
NavigationDME GV 114.1 / 88X 121554.0S 1364858.6E
 NDB GV 380 121612.8S 1364927.6E
 VOR GV 114.1  121554.1S 1364859.1E



All fees associated with the Gove Airport can be found in the Nhulunbuy Corporation's Schedule of Fees and Charges.


Airport Contacts

The Airport Operations team can be contacted by calling (08) 8987 1370.

Please note the Gove Airport Operations office hours are:

  • Monday - Sunday 6:00am to 4:00pm 

The On-Duty ARO can be contacted for Out-of-Hours Emergencies on 0428 962 606 at all times. 



Gove Airport is categorised as a Security Controlled Airport under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and Regulations 2005. Only persons with a lawful reason are to access the “Airside Area” of the Gove Airport and must display a valid Airport Security Identification Card (ASIC), at all times.