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Street Sweeper

Roads and Pathways

Nhulunbuy Corporation is the road authority and maintains all the roads and pathways, and pathway lighting on town lease, including Industrial Estate. We conduct weekly street sweeping, fill potholes when they occur, supply and manage street signage. 

Most pathways on town lease are concrete apart from Beagle – Chesterfield bike track which is asphalt. All pathways are shared facilities for pedestrians and cyclists unless signed otherwise.

To report a road damage/hazard, issues with signage or pathway lighting please utilise Snap Send Solve or call 08 8939 2201. If you need to report any of the above after hours please call (0407) 972 550

Beagle Bike Track

Beagle Bike Track

The Beagle bike track runs along the Town lagoon from Beagle circuit to Jasper Road exiting on Chesterfield Circuit.

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Westal Street


Backhoe working

Traffic Management

All the roads on town lease are under the care and control of the Nhulunbuy Corporation. Many of these roads have on street parking, signage and physical traffic controls such as kerbs to promote the safe and convenient movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. To ensure continued improvement to the local road network and associated management of traffic, the Nhulunbuy Corporation provides the following traffic management services:

  •   Strategic transport planning for the local road network
  •   Investigating and implementing traffic control upgrades
  •   Processing Traffic Management Plans for events and contractors
  •   Responding to traffic and parking complaints
  •   Traffic control devices for specific events and road works

Any contractors carrying out works that may impede roads or traffic on town lease (which incorporates the Industrial Estate), should be aware of the Nhulunbuy Corporation Traffic Management Procedure.

Nhulunbuy Corporation Traffic Management Procedure 

If you have any questions about the Traffic Management Procedure, please contact the NCL office during business hours on (08) 8939 2200 or by email at

Nhulunbuy Corporation is the road authority and maintains all the roads, Pathways and parks on town lease and the Industrial Estate.