Barking Dog Noise Complaint Procedure  

The Nhulunbuy Corporation (NCL) feels the most effective and successful way of managing a nuisance barking dog, is for the person affected by the issue (the complainant) to communicate their concerns directly with the dog owner. There is a chance the dog owner may not even be aware their dog is barking excessively and causing an issue for neighbours.

NCL understands how a barking dog can negatively affect your way of life and the Nhulunbuy Animal Control By-laws allow the Corporation to act on this issue. To make a complaint about a barking dog please keep the diary and fill out the incident form below. Information regarding relevant By-Laws and an overview of the complaint process are also contained within, in addition to useful content covering the causes for excessive dog barking.

Dog Noise Complaint Procedure and Form

Options and things to consider

Approach the dog owner as soon as the issue arises and state your case clearly and politely. They may not be aware of the issue.

  • Explain that the problem has been worrying you and you would like to sort it out.  
  • Meet with your neighbour and explain the issue.
  • Try to stay calm.
  • Let your neighbour tell their side of the story.
  • Give your neighbour a chance to give their views.

Provide enough time for the dog owner to rectify the problem.

If the barking continues to be a problem after this period, you must provide written evidence to the NC for further action to be taken. The Dog Noise Complaint Form and barking diary sheet must be completed and returned to the Nhulunbuy Corporation.

The Corporation will then assess the complaint and if necessary, approach the dog owner to discuss the By-law breach and try and assist with the problem. NCL can also deploy a “Dog Silencer” device to deter the nuisance dog from excessive barking. NCL can also pass the complaint on to the landlord of that address. Sodexo, DEAL and Territory Housing, all have very strict noise policies and can usually assist with these matters.

NCL can and will enforce the Animal Control By-laws and issue infringements where necessary. If a dog continues to be a nuisance (By-Law 39) after NC has issued warnings, infringements can be issued and if a dog owner receives three infringements of the same kind in any calendar year, the offending dog will be de-registered, sent off lease and possible conditions added to any future dog registration.   

Nhulunbuy Corporation understands how a barking dog or other noisy animals can negatively affect your way of life and the Nhulunbuy Animal Control By-laws allow the Corporation to act on this issue.