Taggle Smart Water Meter installation

The Nhulunbuy Corporation would like to advise all residents of Nhulunbuy that Taggle Systems' smart metering solution is set to roll-out from the 11th of October onwards. Installation will be occurring between the 11th of October and the 20th of October, from 7AM to 6PM, 7 days a week. 

Please see below an FAQ regarding both your new meter, and the installation process. For any additional information, please contact the Nhulunbuy Corporation by either email (office@ncl.net.au) or phone (08 8939 2200). A street-by-street installation timeline will be released by DataRight prior to installation commencing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Smart Water Meter

What is a smart water meter?

Smart meters are water meters fitted with radio transmitters that send meter readings to the Nhulunbuy Corporation every hour. Readings from individual meters can be used to identify possible water leaks on properties which might otherwise go unnoticed for months or even years. As such, they can help residents save money on wasted water and help communities make better use of their water resources.

Remote meter reading also helps the Nhulunbuy Corporation identify possible network leaks and improve network management. Water losses can cost significant amounts of money in terms of both the actual water loss and any damage the lost water might cause to pipes, roads and buildings.

What are the benefits of smart water metering?

The benefits of the smart water metering include:

  • Enables the Nhulunbuy Corporation to respond more effectively to water consumption enquiries.
  • Enables the Nhulunbuy Corporation to identify peak and off-peak water usage times and assist with managing pumping and infrastructure to reduce costs when less water is required.
  • Streamlines the process of quarterly water billing.
  • Assist with the early detection of leaks.

Why am I getting a smart water meter?

The Nhulunbuy Corporation currently utilises an aging fleet of mechanical water meters which relies on manual readers to capture consumption data. This approach is manually intensive and relatively inefficient. As a large number of the mechanical meters are due for replacement, this is an opportunity to consider digital technology to automate meter reading. Smart metering systems have the potential to revolutionise current water service operations and many Councils are already reaping the benefits of providing customers with the extra services that smart metering offers.

The change to automated meter reading will streamline the meter reading process and offer opportunities for system improvements to create efficiencies and cost savings. The smart water meter solution can stream large volumes of time stamped water usage data which will assist the Corporation in the management of the water network and guide planning decisions for upgrades to the water network.  

How do smart water meters work?

The smart water meter device detects the water meter dial rotating and transmits the current water meter reading as a small radio signal. The information is then stored in a secure database managed by the Corporation.

How strong is the radio signal?

The radio signal transmitted by the smart meter is very small – it is about 30 times weaker than the signal transmitted by your mobile phone.

How does the device get power?

The smart meter device is powered by a battery. All the power used by the device comes from the battery and is expected to last 15 years.

What are the benefits for residents?

Your current water meter is read manually by a staff member at set intervals, providing us with a one-off read of how much water has been used for billing purposes. Once the system is operational, the smart water meter provides the Nhulunbuy Corporation with daily data. This will:

  • assist with the early detection of leaks
  • enable us to respond more effectively to usage enquiries.
  • streamline the process of water billing

Who is responsible for maintenance or if my water meter is damaged?

If you notice that your meter is damaged or in need of maintenance, please contact the Nhulunbuy Corporation.

Does it cost me any extra money? 

The installation of the smart has been allocated from the Nhulunbuy Corporation’s 2022 FY Budget and there will be no cost for installation charged to you. If your bills increase it is highly likely that your old meter was under-reading due to old age. As meters age, they lose their accuracy and so we recognise that a large portion of our fleet are well past their use by date and may see higher water bills as a result of the new meters. This is not because they are the new digital meters; this would also occur if a new manual meter was installed instead of the smart meters.

How will I be notified if I have a leak at my property?

The Nhulunbuy Corporation will contact you directly if a significant leak has been identified at your property.

Have these meters been used elsewhere?

Our water meter replacement project will be delivered by Taggle Systems, who have vast experience in implementing smart meters across Australia with over 50 Councils or Water Utilities already using the system.

Is this big brother? 

The transmission of water consumption data is made available for the benefit of property owners and for the purpose of automating meter reads. The analysis of this data can help the Corporation identify inefficiencies in the water network and inform decision making for upgrades to the water infrastructure. Smart meters are not able to govern customer’s water usage but instead provide a streamlined method of meter reading and troubleshooting.

Roll Out Specific

Who is installing the new meters?

DataRight, an authorised contractor from Taggle, our smart water meter supplier, will be installing the devices. They will have identification on their persons.

What happens during installation?

The contractor will determine if the premises is currently occupied. If it is vacant and no water is running through the meter, they will install the new meter. If it looks like someone is home, they will knock on the door to confirm with the resident that it is ok to change the meter.  If it is not convenient for the resident right at that time, an alternative day/time will be agreed. If water is running through the meter and there is no reply at door, the DataRight contractors will leave a note and revisit. The contractors will leave a flyer at the premises once installation is complete. 

What happens if there is a dog or locked gate?

If the contractors are unable to access your meter, the DataRight contractors will leave a note and revisit. If your property has dogs or a locked gate, please contact the DataRight office on 07 4968 3173 during weekdays or 0428 039 910 on weekends to arrange a suitable time. We ask that during this time you ensure there is safe and easy access to your meter to ensure a smooth install.

What interruptions are expected?

Your water supply will be interrupted for 10-20 minutes. Immediately after installation your water may be discoloured, or air pockets may have formed in the line causing the water to sputter. If this happens, please run each tap on your property for approximately 30 seconds to clear the affected water.

When are the smart meters being installed?

The contractors will commence at 7:00AM on the 11th of October and all smart meters will be installed by 6PM on the 20th of October. 

What are the working hours of contractors?

The contractors will commence at 7:00AM and will finish at 6:00PM, Monday to Sunday, excluding public holidays.