Gove Airport light tower installation - tractor and airport terminal, taxiway
Gove Airport light tower installation - complete 05/2024

NCL's Airport team and Arnhem Electrical and Refrigeration have collaborated in order to perform an upgrade to the existing lighting on the tarmac of the Gove Airport. 

Much of the existing airport at the Gove Airport comprises of equipment installed decades ago. Much of the technology has since been rendered obsolete by the scientific and engineering development, even if it remains compliant with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) standards. The team at the Gove Airport are aiming to modernise the infrastructure throughout the entire asset. 

This upgrade comprised of a replacement of existing lighting on the baggage handling side of the airport terminal. The older light bulb has been replaced with a brighter, more efficient and more durable modern LED. This will ensure the Airport is not only safer for staff, but also that it has a reduced carbon footprint.