Taggle Smart Water Meter installation

The Taggle Smart Metering Solution will be seeing their second use since installation. A 'data dump' by the Taggle Smart Metering Solution is utilised quarterly to simultaneously extract and transmit water usage data from all Taggle smart water meters in Nhulunbuy to our database for the purposes of a providing water usage data, which will then be used to produce your quarterly water bill. 

For Quarter 1 of 2023, the data dump will occur on the 31st of March. To ensure that your Taggle Water Meter is able to transmit data, please ensure that there is nothing obstructing it. This includes vehicles, rubbish, building materials and debris.

If we are unable to extract data from your water meter on the 31st of March, the software suite will provide estimate your usage based on the most recent time the meter was updated, in combination with your previous usage. As standard, your water meter provides hourly updates, unless the transmitter is blocked.