Mandatory Masks

•    Runway lighting

A lightning strike has impacted all runway lighting at the Gove Airport. While repairs are underway, emergency lighting will enable emergency flights to land and take off however all other night flights will be impacted.

Please contact your air service operator to check on flight schedules.
Airnorth: 1800 627 474

•    Face Masks 

Face masks are mandatory in domestic airports and on all domestic commercial flights. Masks must be worn when inside the airport terminal building and when on the airfield.
It is the responsibility of individuals to make sure they have a mask to wear when at major NT airports and while onboard an aircraft.
Children under the age of 12 and people with a specified medical condition are not required to wear a mask.

•    Passengers in the Airport terminal only 

To reduce the challenges with social distancing and to minimise risks, only Airline passengers will be able to enter the Airport terminal, please drop-off and pick-up passengers outside of the terminal building.

•    Drinking water 

Please be aware that there is no drinking water available in the airport from water bubblers.  Passengers are encouraged to bring their own water. Bottled water is available from staff on request.