For more than 40 years, chlorine gas dosing has been used to treat water within the NCL and Rio Tinto’s facilities on the Gove Peninsula but these facilities have now been replaced with safer, electro-chlorination technology.

Part of this work included a $1M upgrade at the NCL managed aquatic centre, which has seen Rio Tinto and the NCL work closely together to install and commission the new infrastructure.

The new electro-chlorination pool disinfection system is safer for operators as well as the broader community, providing an industry-leading water treatment facility that reduces potential exposure to hazardous substances.

Other facilities which have been upgraded in collaboration with the NCL include the Nhulunbuy township potable water facility, and the Nhulunbuy wastewater treatment facility. As a community benefit, to enable the ongoing watering of the golf course, the NCL provides treated water to the Gove Country Golf Club.

Many groups were involved in this work over the past two years, demonstrating the benefit of collaboration. The teamwork demonstrated between Rio Tinto and the NCL to remove a potential health and safety risk to our people and the broader community should be celebrated.