Building Compliance and Development

Nhulunbuy and the Industrial Estate are not covered by the Northern Territory Development Scheme or the Northern Territory Building Act. As such, the Nhulunbuy Corporation administers building and development applications to ensure that they are in line with the requirements of the Special Purpose Leases.

The Nhulunbuy Corporations Development and Compliance Officer ensures that all applications are compliant with the Corporations requirements and the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) incorporating the latest Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The objective of the NCC and BCA is to ensure acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, fire safety, health and amenity are maintained in all building work. Nhulunbuy is in Cyclone region “C”, terrain category 2.5 minimum and there are specific appendices in the BCA which refer to the requirements for building in this area.

The function of the Development and Compliance Officer in administering and enforcing building regulations is to avert or at least minimise the risk of danger to health and safety from sub-standard building work.

The Development and Compliance Officer is available to answer any building related questions on (08) 8939 2200.

Building Permits and Applications

Every applicant intending to construct a building, alter, add to, repair or underpin, demolish or remove an existing building should obtain a permit before commencing that work, and should refer to the application checklist which outlines the general requirements for each type of application.

A building permit sets conditions on the construction, demolition or alteration of a building. It details your building work and states that your plans are lawful before construction begins. Check the Type of Building Works sheet Guidelines to see if you need a building permit for your project.

Applications for a Development, Building or Demolition Permit can be found under forms. Costs associated with these permits are outlined in the Nhulunbuy Corporations Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Demolition of Structures

Demolition of any building or part of any building requires Demolition Approval from Nhulunbuy Corporations Development & Compliance Officer. This includes the demolition of houses, sheds, garages and commercial buildings.

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers may only be permanently placed on a property in Nhulunbuy as an approved structure by way of a Building Application.

Temporary placement permits can be granted for a maximum period of 14 days to allow for removal deliveries and uplifts.

Shade sails

For determination on whether a shade sail installation requires a Building permit, please contact the Development and Compliance Officer on (08) 8939 2200.