Waste Collection

The Nhulunbuy Corporation is dedicated to reducing waste and providing quality services. All residential properties have included in their rates, a standard residential waste fee that includes collection of 240L general waste bin serviced twice a week. Collections occur each Tuesday and Friday and are undertaken by Arnhem Land Pest Control on behalf of the Nhulunbuy Corporation.

Unwrapped rubbish can attract flies and result in unwanted smells so it is important to wrap garbage tightly, especially in Nhulunbuy’s warm tropical climate. Placing a suitable pesticide product inside the bin to guard against maggots and flies is also recommended.

Always keep the wheelie bin lid closed, hose it out on a regular basis and clean it thoroughly with antiseptic solution at least once a month. After cleaning it is a good idea to air the empty bin for at least 24 hours.

Missed Collection

If your domestic bin is not collected on collection day, it may be for one of these reasons:

The lid is not completely closed on your bin
Your bin is packed with heavy items (the truck is only able to lift bin of up to 80kgs)
Rubbish has been stacked on top of or beside bin
Rubbish has been jammed too tightly into bin
There was a car parked in front of your bin, and the truck is unable to gain access
All bins are to be placed on the property verge by 6am each collection day and removed from the verge within a reasonable period after its collection. Rubbish bins must not permanently remain on the kerb.

It is an offence to place any domestic waste out for collection unless it is contained in a Corporation issued garbage bin. On the spot fines may be issued to those residents who fail to comply.

For all waste enquiries including new bin service and bin repairs please call NCL office on (08) 8939 2200.
For missed collection, please call Arnhem Land Pest Control on (08) 8987 3900.
All garbage trucks are equipped with surveillance cameras.