Town Lagoon

The Nhulunbuy Corporation is happy to announce the re-opening of the Town Lagoon (Gayngaru) for the remainder of the Dry Season.

Following a Wet Season with approximately 1750mm of rainfall in town and wet weather continuing into May, water levels in the Town Lagoon remained higher than expected throughout April, May and early June. The dryer weather we've experienced in the last few weeks has meant the Town Lagoon is finally safe to walk, and has been re-opened to the public as a result. Maintenance works and vegetation trimming will occur to beautify the walking trail and improve safety for walkers. 

For safety reasons, please ensure you wear appropriate clothing (enclosed shoes and light coloured clothing suitable for tropical conditions) and carry water with you. Please note also that there is strictly no unauthorised access to the trail by recreational or personal vehicles without prior approval from the Nhulunbuy Corporation.