Future Direction Streams

Town Vision Future Direction streams

Future Direction Stream Implementation plans

Each Future Direction stream has a plan with proposed actions. These plans will be reviewed and agreed by the stream members, with each initiative prioritised, resources allocated and time lines scheduled before significant implementation activity starts.

See below for a copy of each of the streams Implementation Plans:

Nhulunbuy Town Vision Implementation Plan v8_Yolŋu Country

Nhulunbuy Town Vision Implementation Plan_Unique Lifestyles

Nhulunbuy Town Vision Implementation Plan_Community Participation

Nhulunbuy Town Vision Implementation Plan_Quality Assets and Services

Nhulunbuy Town Vision Implementation Plan_Robust Economy

Implementation plan action owners: Yolŋu Country 27%; Unique Lifestyles 90%; Community Participation 75%; Quality Assets and Services 86%; Robust Economy 65%.

We have a total of 74 proposed actions. The status of these is as follows: Yolŋu Country 15 Actions; 3 In Progress; 1 Complete, 2 Closed. Unique Lifestyles 12 Actions; 9 In Progress, 1 Complete. Community Participation 12 Actions, 5 In Progress, 1 Closed, 4 Complete; Quality Assets and Services 16 Actions; 4 In Progress; 1 Complete. Robust Economy 19 Actions, 7 In Progress, 2 Closed, 1 Complete.

Note, ‘Closed’ refers to an action that has been integrated with another action or is a duplication; ‘Complete’ is an action that has been implemented and is now completed.