Your property

Burning and clearing

The Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS) stance on burning off waste in residential areas is that NO permit will be given to do so.

This means that residents must dispose of waste either through their regular rubbish collection service, at the Gove Peninsula Waste Management Facility or in the blue kip bins for green waste.

NTFRS officers have legislated authority to impose prescriptive fines on individuals or businesses that chose to ignore the legislation. That is:

  • $700 for lighting a fire in a built up area
  • $700 for failing to extinguish
  • $700 for failing to notify relevant authorities.

NTFRS officers have the dispensation to issue ‘developmental’ burns to individuals and businesses only after liaison and inspection of the intended site. These permits are issued under certain conditions and with strict rules attached that must be adhered to.

The NT Fire and Rescue Act 2011 allows fires for cooking and comfort.

If you see an illegal burn in either Nhulunbuy or the Industrial Estate, please call either the Nhulunbuy Fire Station on (08) 8987 1000 or 000.


Information about fencing within Nhulunbuy and the Industrial Estate can be found in the Nhulunbuy Corporation’s Fencing Policy.

Pools and spas

As a swimming pool or spa owner, you are responsible for the safety of all persons who may have access to your property.  Many drownings occur in swimming pools and spas andyou should never take your eyes off your children in and around pools or spas.  If you have a swimming pool or spa, you need to provide a safety barrier to restrict access.  Tenants also have a responsibility to ensure pools and spas are kept safe.

Nhulunbuy and the Industrial Estate are not governed by the Northern Territory Swimming Pool Safety Act. The Nhulunbuy Corporation has therefore adopted the Australian Standard AS1926.1 as the benchmark for all applications related to swimming pools.  The definition for a swimming pool is ‘any structure containing water to a depth greater than 300mm and used primarily for swimming, wading, paddling or the like, including a bathing or wading pool, or spa pool’.

If you wish to construct a structure which can be defined as a swimming pool you will need to complete a Building Application.  Please contact the Building Administration Officer on (08) 8939 2200 for more information.

Property numbering system

Properties have assigned street numbers and lot numbers which are provided to you on your rates notice and most other correspondence from the Nhulunbuy Corporation.

As there is no postal delivery service to the door in Nhulunbuy or the Industrial Estate – do not use your street address for any correspondence. Mail must be collected from the Nhulunbuy Post Office.

Visible property numbers are important, not just for assisting visitors to locate your property, but they are essential in case of bushfires or other emergencies.  Visible numbers can save lives and properties.