Cantrell Skate Park

The Cantrell Skate Park was opened in December 2002. It is recognised as the most remote skate park in Australia and was named after local resident Eva Cantrell who lobbied for many years for a site that Nhulunbuy’s skaters and bikers could enjoy safely.

The Nhulunbuy Corporation now maintains the park which is also home to the annual Skate Park Day in September/October.

Skate Park rules

  • Please keep the area clean and use the bins provided
  • Be careful when crossing Matthew Flinders Way when arriving at or leaving the park – this is a busy road!
  • Sand can erode the street art on the ramps, so please keep it away from these areas
  • Please keep bikes and scooters away from the tables so they can be used by others.  Lean bikes/scooters against the fence or use the bike rack
  • Please keep bikes and scooters away from the drop off edge if resting or waiting.  Move to the outer rail rests or leave the slab if you need to take a break
  • Always be considerate of others
  • Always look where you are going first before you take off
  • Look out for little kids – they have every right to be there too!

The Skate Park is for everyone and everyone has a right to use it.