Community Engagement

Get Involved

What’s in it for you?

You will have the opportunity to influence and actively participate in shaping the future of Nhulunbuy as a thriving town and community, supporting the East Arnhem region.

You will get to work with a broad range of organisations and diverse members of our community.

Being a member of the Town Vision team is a great opportunity for all organisations, businesses and the community to share the knowledge, skills, experiences and talent that exists in Nhulunbuy.

Chances are you’ll also learn new things, have fun and be proud of what you achieve. You’ll be a part of the next chapter of Nhulunbuy!


The primary responsibility of the Town Vision team is to develop and deliver initiatives and actions that:

  • matter the most to the community
  • build on what is here
  • maintain and leverage our uniqueness
  • enhance and encourage cultural integration, and
  • establish sound economic foundations for a sustainable, diversified and growing future.

Time commitment

Being a member of the Town Vision team is voluntary. You will need to consider how this commitment will align with your normal work, home and social priorities.

Each Future Direction stream will have one person in the ‘lead’ role. This person will be responsible for ensuring the activities being developed and delivered align with the overall direction and purpose of that stream.

Each stream will also have a group of people ‘working party’ to represent the interests of organisations and the community, and deliver the activities that have been agreed will best support the Town Vision.


Working parties: The time commitment will vary and may be considerable at times. Each working party will agree as a team on the regularity and duration of their stream meetings and how they will operate on an ongoing basis. It is strongly recommended that a formal meeting be held once a month to ensure the right priority, level of involvement and adequate support is in place for activities to be successful. Members are expected to attend these meetings. Additional meetings may be required for planning or delivery of initiatives and activities.

Stream leads: Will also be asked to commit additional time to undertake activities such as; project planning; mentoring team members; presentations; preparing reports; attending Governance Group meetings.

Mentors: Provide Stream Leads with leadership, networking and team engagement support. They may also help working party volunteers with guidance in planning and delivering activities.

The Project Manager will provide the Stream Leads with guidance and mentoring with managing scope, governance approval, presentations, reporting and overcoming potential issues.

The working parties will also be supported by the Project Manager to identify and prioritise activities and tap into support networks.

There will also be local mentors available to help stream leads and working party members along the way.

How to get Involved: You can still apply!

Fill out a Town Vision Expression of Interest Form and submit by email to the Town Vision Project Manager at or in person to the Nhulunbuy Corporation office in Westal Street, Nhulunbuy.