Nhulunbuy Town Vision

Nhulunbuy: a thriving diverse and enterprising centre for East Arnhem


Vision: A community that is strong, safe & enterprising, where we recognise Yolŋu culture, are committed to our people, celebrate our unique lifestyles, and serve as a regional hub to the East Arnhem Region.

Bapurru banha marimi wanyu, waburarr Djamami, banha ngarru ngali milkunhami Yolŋu  rom, ga ngandarryuman ngalingul malawul, lukuyingatji ngalinguru waribuwu nguwakurruwu dhukawuy, ga djama buku-liwyuman ngayili buku-dhimurru li gali li.

The Nhulunbuy Town Vision was developed through extensive consultation with organisations, stakeholders and the community.

Town Vision Goal

How we aspire to interact, behave, live as a community now and into the future.

The aim of Nhulunbuy’s Vision is to:

  • Be a self-sufficient, sustainable and thriving community
  • No longer be reliant on one industry, one company
  • Engage across cultures
  • Be vibrant

Future Directions

From the stakeholder and community engagement clear themes and focus areas emerged that provided the framework for establishing five future directions. Each recognizes and respects the unique character and spirit of the town, while also seeking to provide a roadmap for the future development of Nhulunbuy and its community.

Town Vision - Future Directions

Yolŋu Country

The Yolŋu Country Future Direction seeks to better recognize and celebrate Yolŋu Culture and engage all people in culturally-rich experiences that foster two-way learning and harmonious community development.

Unique Lifestyles

The Unique Lifestyles Future Direction recognizes the distinctive lifestyle on offer to residents, both the access to a pristine natural environment and the variety of outdoor pursuits. Above all, it recognizes the need to maintain and enhance the cohesiveness of Nhulunbuy’s strong and safe community.

Community Participation

The Community participation Future direction recognizes the desire for residents and stakeholders to be more engaged in initiating and managing positive community initiatives and shaping the future of their community.

Quality Assets and Services

The Quality Assets and Services future direction recognizes the existing level of provision of community amenities, facilities and services, while also identifying the need to better utilize, maintain and enhance provision to meet the evolving needs and aspirations of the town and community.

Building a Robust Economy

The building a robust Economy Future direction acknowledges the need for Nhulunbuy to build a broader economic base and be less reliant on a single resources industry to sustain the town’s future economic sustainability.


There are three important phases for successful implementation.

What we achieved in 2016 and 2017