Electricity Billing Fluctuations

There are a number of factors to consider when Electricity billings fluctuate;

  • Seasonal changes – hot weather results in higher usage of air conditioners. Air conditioners work harder in hotter weather to retain set temperatures. The best comparison is with the bill at the same time last year.
  • Number of days between reads – we try and limit variations above or below 90 days, however this is a manual process. You can break down to a daily rate by dividing the $ by the number of days.
  • Usage variations – consider appliance usage in your home during the period.  Reasons for increases may include school holidays, working from home, use of dryers, new appliances, faulty appliances.
  • Incorrect reading – as a guide check your meter reading, to see if the reading on the bill looks reasonable. Billing is normally run within a couple of weeks of the read date.

If you still consider none of the above apply, the Nhulunbuy Corporation is always happy to receive and investigate your queries.

Queries can be made preferably by email to office@ncl.net.au or by phone on 8939 2200.

To address your query we will;

  1. Check your read either in person or via a customer provided photo.
  2. Compare your billing history (daily rate) to the same time last year
  3. Put you in touch with an electrician to inspect appliances in your home
  4. If it appears there may be an issue with your meter, your landlord will need to be contacted