Keeping You Informed


Town Centre Revitalisation Projects delivered:

  1. Town Centre clock – fixed in December 2016 – ahead of schedule
  2. Town Centre rubbish bins – painted with local flora and fauna images – completed March 2017
  3. Artwork/Murals in the Town Centre: completed July 2017
  4. History Plaques in Endeavour Square pavement: September 2017
  5. Garden Lighting: September 2017

Additional Projects:

  1. Airport project
    1. Repainted internal airport terminal walls
    2. Hung professional copies of rubbish bin photo panels on walls in airport terminal
    3. Painted Yolŋu Matha and English words on a wall in the Arrivals Halls
  2. Town Centre seats painted
  3. New bubblers in Town Centre
  4. Bin Souvenir booklet published and on sale for $10
  5. Short video on the mural project

Coming Up:

  1. BBQ celebration in Endeavour Square
  2. Work benches and coffee tables in the Airport Departure Lounge