Nhulunbuy Town Board

The Nhulunbuy Corporation facilitates a community advisory committee known as the Nhulunbuy Town Board. The role of the Town Board is to provide community and stakeholder feedback to the Nhulunbuy Corporation on how to improve the services and facilities the Corporation is responsible for within Nhulunbuy, the Industrial Estate and Gove Airport.

The operating parameters of the Town Board are set out in the  Town Board Constitution. The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month and the public are welcome to attend meetings if they wish. Alternatively, residents are able to raise issues for discussion by contacting one of the Elected Members.

Town Board Election By-Laws


Town Board elections are generally held every two years with the next election to be held in April 2019. Voting for the Town Board is optional. The elected Members represent the entire population of Nhulunbuy and the Industrial Estate.

For more information:

  • Contact the Australian Electoral Commission on 13 23 26
  • Visit the Australian Electoral Commission’s website
  • pick up an enrolment form from the Nhulunbuy Post Office.


Adam Seiler

Chief Executive Officer

Adam commenced as Chief Executive Officer with the Nhulunbuy Corporation in 2016.  Adam has an extensive career in the local-government, not-for-profit and private sectors and has worked in Western Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory.

Bringing with him a generalist background, coupled with strong financial skills. Adam is focused on continuing the improvement initiatives already deployed and increasing value to stakeholders in the delivery of municipal services to the community of Nhulunbuy.

The Nhulunbuy Corporation needs to be an active participatory player in the future-space of our community, with communication and support critical capstans to this process.

Adam is an Executive Director of the Nhulunbuy Corporation and chairs the Nhulunbuy Town Board and the Nhulunbuy Cemetery Trust.

Adam is an active member of the community and welcomes the opportunity to facilitate and capitalise on the achievements already made to date.

In his spare time, he enjoys Fishing and Camping, International travel and spending time with his wife.


Hannah Fincham-Thomson

Elected Member

I am excited about the opportunity to be part of the Town Board and am committed to being a point of contact for local members so they can discuss concerns and questions regarding this community. My goal is to bring these to monthly meetings and provide feedback regularly.

Megan Niven

Elected Member

Megan is an elected member of the Town Board who has a keen interest in the Town and enjoys being part of the sense of community that the town offers.

Having lived in Gove for 22 years Megan has had the opportunity to be involved in many volunteer and community groups and has held senior positions through employment opportunities which have allowed a deeper insight into Nhulunbuy and the workings of the town.

Megan, with husband and two children, enjoy living and working in the region and wants to see Nhulunbuy continue to thrive into the future through new and exciting prospects as the town changes and evolves.

Megan wants the community to know that they are more than welcome to contact her regarding any issues or concerns that they feel the Town Board need to aware of so that the community feel that they are being heard.

Zenel Bajraktari

Elected Member

Zen was elected to the Town Board in 2017. It is his aim to represent and advise all levels of the town’s residents, including rate payers and businesses alike.

Zen was born in Nhulunbuy in 1984 to parents Jocelyn and Skender who still reside in town. He completed his schooling and carpentry apprenticeship in Sydney. Zen is the director of Zenco Constructions Pty Ltd which was established in 2009. He then met and married his wifeTamara and they now have three beautiful children.

Zen is passionate about Gove and the surrounding areas. He wants to see his home town thrive and flourish. He brings his core values of fairness, integrity and hard work to the table, along with a strong drive to inject fresh ideas and youthfulness to progress Gove into the future.

He currently donates to several sporting clubs and individual events that benefit the town. In doing this he has been able to help the community on their achievements.

Zen is open to any concerns or suggestions regarding the Nhulunbuy Township. He wants nothing more than to help Nhulunbuy and support our growth into the future. He looks forward to residents contacting him with any queries.

Lynne Walker

Elected Member

Jim Rogers

Northern Territory Government Representative

Melissa Cruickshank

Rio Tinto Representative

Town Board Minutes