Nhulunbuy Town Board

The Nhulunbuy Corporation facilitates a community advisory committee known as the Nhulunbuy Town Board. The role of the Town Board is to provide community and stakeholder feedback to the Nhulunbuy Corporation on how to improve the services and facilities the Corporation is responsible for within Nhulunbuy, the Industrial Estate and Gove Airport.

The operating parameters of the Town Board are set out in its Constitution. The Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month and the public are welcome to attend meetings if they wish. Alternatively, residents are able to raise issues for discussion by contacting one of the Elected Members.

A summary of meeting discussions is available in The Arafura Times the week following each meeting.


Town Board elections are generally held every four years with the next election to be held in March 2017. Voting for the Town Board is optional in Nhulunbuy and is based on the preferential voting system. The elected Members represent the entire population of Nhulunbuy and the Industrial Estate.

For more information:

  • Contact the Australian Electoral Commission on 13 23 26
  • Visit the Australian Electoral Commission’s website
  • pick up an enrolment form from the Nhulunbuy Post Office.


Adam Seiler

Chief Executive Officer

Adam commenced as Chief Executive Officer with the Nhulunbuy Corporation in 2016.  Adam has an extensive career in the local-government, not-for-profit and private sectors and has worked in Western Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory.

Bringing with him a generalist background, coupled with strong financial skills. Adam is focused on continuing the improvement initiatives already deployed and increasing value to stakeholders in the delivery of municipal services to the community of Nhulunbuy.

The Nhulunbuy Corporation needs to be an active participatory player in the future-space of our community, with communication and support critical capstans to this process.

Adam is an Executive Director of the Nhulunbuy Corporation and chairs the Nhulunbuy Town Board and the Nhulunbuy Cemetery Trust.

Adam is an active member of the community and welcomes the opportunity to facilitate and capitalise on the achievements already made to date.

In his spare time, he enjoys Fishing and Camping, International travel and spending time with his wife.


Chris Putland

Board Member

Chris is an elected member of the Town Board who cares about the Town and support moves to improve or take care of what makes our home town, special.

Chris has had the opportunity to be part of the Town Board for some years now and hopes he has added some value to many issues the town has faced over those years.

Gove is Chris’s home and he runs his very own business here. Chris has had experience working with the local mine, he has represented others interests for some time now and he knows well the drive it takes to make change or keep what the people of Nhulunbuy love. “Our Town is unique and special” Chris strives to keep it this way.

Chris is always happy to hear from residents in regards to suggestions, concerns or feedback they may have and will ensure their voice is heard and understood.

Lyn Percic

Elected Member

Lyn remains one of the long term settlers arriving in Gove in 1971 with her parents and four siblings to the last frontier or so it seemed. Lyn attended the Area School as it was then, now known as the Nhulunbuy Primary School. Lyn’s three children and two grandchildren followed in my footsteps with their education.

Lyn has been actively involved in many sporting and recreational clubs in Nhulunbuy both as a participant and as an active committee member. In 1986 Lyn was employed by the Northern Territory Government and for the past 13 years as the Office Manager at Yambirrpa Schools. Her role is to oversee the Yirrkala Schools.

Professionally Lyn is mechanically and financially minded, working remote she is always thinking ahead and diversifying. Lyn has been an elected member of the Town Board since 2011, where she has gleaned further learning and understanding of the Nhulunbuy Corporations responsibilities, powers and restraints. She believes being a Town Board member gives her a greater understanding of our community and the mechanics of how things work in the background. Lyn would encourage anyone to consider a term on the board for their own personal growth and betterment of our beautiful community.

Gavin Law

Board Member

Gavin came to Nhulunbuy in August 2014 to join his wife Louise, he was engaged by YBE as the Civil Works Manager and immediately fell in love with Nhulunbuy and the Region. Gavin has a background in Mining and Civil Construction Management and during his 30+ year career has worked closely with all levels of Government and Municipal bodies.

Gavin arrived during a time of change in Nhulunbuy with the Refinery closure in progress. He wanted to be involved in ensuring that the town continued to grow and develop not just survive. Gavin believes being a Town board member is one way in which he can have a voice in exactly that the growth and development of Nhulunbuy.

Sharon Georgonicas

Board Member

Jim Rogers

Northern Territory Government Representative

Paul Seidel

Rio Tinto Representative

Town Board Minutes